About company

ARNA Audit and Law LLC was founded and operates since 2009. The Company’s capital amounts 250,000.00 RUB. The company ARNA Audit and Law LLC is a Member of The Self-regulating organization auditors «Sodruzhestvo» (reg.num.12006163394).


Since the beginning of the company, we have been in the middle of the list of the largest audit companies in Russia. For this we thank you very much, our Friends and Partners!


Our clients are very well-known or not well-known large companies that are subject to mandatory audit in terms of assets and income. Our regular Сustomers operate in the resource-supplying industry, in trade, in construction, in production, services, project finance and other areas.


Our experts have knowledge of the businesses in various sectors of the economy. They have an understanding of complex issues, and are able to see the problems and features of the client very deeply.

The professionalism of auditors and consultants is manifested as the ability to think in economic categories, principles, knowledge of laws and ability to resolve conflicts of interest and recommend optimal accounting schemes.


We provide our clients with comprehend support on any issue and give practical advice if necessary. We are legally in charge for the written consultations we give to our customers.


The effectiveness of our services for the Client, the benefit for the client from our work is the main principle and purpose of our work. Our task is to find errors in the client’s accounting and financial reporting and to help clients eliminate errors, and also reduce tax or commercial risks for our Сustomers.


Our company’s key advantage is that we are a team of highly-qualified professionals in the fields of accounting, financial reporting, tax and law. The priority is to offer audit and consulting services of high quality and value at a reasonable price to our clients.


Our principles: independence; honesty; objectivity; professional competence and honesty; confidentiality; professional behavior.


Sedova Elena Nikolaevna, CEO of the company, is a professional consultant and certified auditor, ACCA certificate holder; has a wealth of experience in major Russian audit companies as well as in the real economy and banks as head of the financial service.


We hope that cooperation with us will be useful and profitable for you. We will provide a high level of service quality, a high level of organization of work and interaction between our services.


It is very important for us!

Key Areas of Activity

Our company provides full range of audit and related services.


  • Mandatory (general) auditing (includes elements of tax audit).
  • Tax Audit. Auditing of Tax liabilities commissioned by the Client Executive.
  • Аudit of the finance statement prepared IFRS.
  • Audit of the group's consolidated statement.
  • Initiative audit: an audit commissioned by the owner, CEO or investor.
  • On the customer's request: various examinations of individual transactions, settlements, documents, accounting facilities, etc. .
  • Pre-trial situation examination, examination for court.
  • Asset and liabilities quality examination, net assets real value identifying.
  • Assessment of the buyer's risk and business value prior to its acquisition (Due Diligence).
  • Independent audit investigations (Forensic).


  • We provide current qualified assistance to your business in legal, financial, tax, management and other vital matters by our specialists: such as methodological support, contractual support, transaction preparations, incl. accounting operations options description, description of risks, selection of the best options with justification, contract draft preparation, review to draft contracts of the customer.
  • Various examinations of separate sections and objects of accounting on the request of the Customer.
  • Accompanying tax audits on the client's side, consulting.
  • Analysis of enterprise performance indicators, factor analysis of productivity dynamics, risk identification and business management recommendations for various client goals.
  • IFRS advisory services: preparing the group's consolidated reporting; Transformation and Supporting the transformation. Preparing for the audit of the Big Four; IFRS reporting review for an external foreign auditor.
  • Consulting in the field of inter-enterprises settlements, examination of settlement
  • Financial audits on behalf of the owner.
  • Project Consulting:
- preparation of accounting policies in accordance with Russian accounting standards and tax accounting of various volumes;

- preparation of pricing methods (a marketing policy);

- financial reporting consolidation procedures for a group of companies owned by one owner;

- examination and adjustment of existing regulations;

- assessment of financial services personnel, selection of personnel for the client's needs by competencies (initial interviews with candidates).


To ensure due diligence while selecting a supplier by your company, we are committed to providing additional documents from your list or on request. We will personally meet you, or we will meet you at our office.

Main service

Mandatory audit is our main service. It necessarily includes tax auditing to explore risks and reserves, as well as quality and responsible advice during checks, which is our competitive advantage among other audit companies.


The Company’s auditors use International audit standards to conduct mandatory audit.


The Baze of Our Methodology is  a systematic approach to verification,  deep knowledge of business of the clients, concentration on risk areas, analysis of the level of the client's internal control framework and accounting policy, the  analyses of the system paperwork circulation.


Audits and examinations use technologies that cover the maximum number of significant transactions and minimize the audit risk. Based on the results of preliminary work with the client, we form the optimal expert group for provide the best of projects quality.


The results of the audit are issued in the form of three documents:


Memorandum contains a list of comments found during the inspection is issued to the Customer on the final day of the audit check and allows the Customer to work with the comments and legally eliminate them before the Auditor's written Report is formed and our Opinion on the veracity of the finance reporting of client (in the Аudit Report).


Written Information (Report) on audit results describes significant events of the audit period, identified and not corrected during the audit of violations, distortion of financial (accounting) and tax statements. The written information summarizes the audit methodology, the state of the internal control system, the quality of the accounting policy, the level of accounting and tax accounting organization, and provides comments and specific recommendations for correcting errors. All our conclusions are supported by references to existing laws, regulations, arbitration practices, opinions of the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, as well as the established practice of business turnover.


Audit report on financial (accounting) reporting for the year in which we express our opinion on the reliability of the Financial (Accounting) Of the Customer.


Energy companies
  • Russian Communal Systems Group (RKS Holding)
  • United Regional Electric Networks Group (ORES)
  • Vladimirteplogaz company

Consruction & Development
  • LINDNER Group
  • Fasade Solutions LTD (PIK development company)

Trade and Service
  • RegStaer Group
  • DUFRY EAST Group
  • BAUER Maschinen Russland
  • SCANIA group
  • Nordtex
  • Evil Martians company
  • IGLO
  • Genser

  • Volga-Dnepr Airlines
  • AirBridgeCargo Airlines
  • SinMar company
  • Linkor-Avia LLC

Agricultural business
  • Agrofood Meat Processing Plant
Metal industry
  • Ashinsky metallurgical plant

Chemical industry
  • Kimry Gorky factory of individual protection means Stock Company
  • Organica Group

Project financing
  • Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation
  • CRESCO Finance

Production of aviation devices
  • Rubin Aviation Corporation

  • Natalie Tours Group

Communications and Media
  • Yandex
  • Yandex.Probki
  • Central Telegraph

Nonprofit institution
  • Association of Industrial Parks of Russia
Oil & Gas companies: exploring, processing, development, service
Leading auditors and Management of the Company have wealthy expertise in cooperation with following companies:
Rosneft, Slavneft, Surgutneftegas, Russneft, Novatek, Gasprom_Zarubezhneftegaz,
Gasprom_Centrremont, ТNK-ВР, KOMPEK